Collect. Store. Pick. Deliver.Collect. Store. Pick. Deliver.

FSW has created an innovative and expanding function within the food service industry. It’s a speciality niche with significant customer benefits designed in our bespoke, turnkey services.

We provide a dedicated and bespoke food service through our professional framework that covers the full process from initial product research and sourcing to final delivery from suppliers across the globe.

FSW can equally undertake individual elements in that process.

Every aspect of our business is designed to ensure FSW delivers the very best customer service at every stage in the supply-chain process.

Supplier management services may be combined with our other logistics service providers within the group to provide vendor-managed inventory services.

Our transport management services include the arrangement of shipping, air or land-based transport to move customers’ goods from remote destinations to our UK warehouses and facilities.

Our warehouse and inventory management services ensure that all material entrusted to FSW is stored and managed in a safe, compliant, and professional manner.

At FSW, our passion is delivering great customer service – it’s the fundamental foundation of this business.

  • Product Sourcing
  • Global Purchasing
  • Bespoke Shipment
  • End-to-end Logistics
  • Dedicated Facilities
  • Experienced Teams
  • ‘Provider of Choice’